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Madison, WI, 53701
Facebook Page: Rekindled-Madison
Email: RekindledStuff@outlook.com

ReKindled is currently a home-based business.The good news for you, is that means we're nearly ALWAYS open!

Check out our Facebook page for events, pop-ups and markets!

Chocolate, wine, puppies and a cleaning person...now that I have your attention, let me share my hearts passion with you - ReKindled. I love old stuff...doors, hardware, buckets, spindles, furniture, frames...you name it! Those pieces all have a story and are way too often discarded and forgotten. I pride myself on breathing life into thse pieces again, but not always in the traditional way. Often you'll see old pieces incorporated with new so that your design is unique, interesting and one of a kind. My love for old spills over into my love for superior customer service! From me, you'll get a custom experience (which means you may hear my kiddo's in the background of a phone call) and my best efforts always! Currently ReKindled's headquarters (my home) are in Madison and events are planned and posted via our Facebook page! I'm looking forward to working with, seeing you and hearing your stories in 2015!!! 

Accent Tables
Accent Tables
ALL accent tables are only $65.00<br /> Checkers, Tin-foil table & Amo Box...
Details: Image, Added 01/29/15
Wall Hooks and decor
HOME sign - $24.00 <br /> Single Hooks - $12.00<br /> Double Hook - $16.00<br /> Vintage level hooks - $22.00...
Details: Image, Added 01/29/15
Home Decor
Window Chalkboards - $30.00<br /> Large Window Week Chalkboard - $55.00<br /> Distressed small dresser - $65.00...
Details: Image, Added 01/29/15
Using your favorite idea, saying and wood, we can make a custom sign to fit your space. Prices vary and depend on size and materials requested. ...
Details: Image, Added 01/29/15
Don wait until the last minute to buy your better half ANOTHER necklace or sweater for Valentines Day that they won wear! Get them the thoughtful gift of your time - join me for the best bus trip this side of the Mississippi!...
Details: Image, Added 01/27/15


Madison, WI, 53701 - --, USA


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